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The Largest
Virtual AI Summit

Streaming live on

22, 23 & 24 May 2024

3PM IST Onwards

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from the revolutionaries at the forefront of AI on how you can use the technology to improve processes, increase efficiency, and drive growth


a deeper understanding of AI-led technologies, tools, and platforms, application & adoption areas and how they can be implemented into your organisation, GCC, startup


about industry use cases from the frontrunners who are already using AI across various industries & business functions

Image by Sangharsh Lohakare

Key Themes

Maximising Efficiency and Productivity

Utilise Al to increase automation and productivity by making processes more efficient

Optimising costs & Increasing ROI

Increase profitability and ROl by reducing costs through Al

Driving growth & finding new opportunities

Utilise Al to increase automation and productivity by making processes more efficient

Elevating Customer & Stakeholder engagement

Improve CX through Al to increase loyalty and maintain trust while driving revenue & growth

Minimising Risks

Identify and avoid risks related to Al while still maximising its benefits

Roadmap to AI journey

Key information, strategies and tools needed for each step of AI journey

Coverage Areas

  • Gen AI: Enterprise Strategy Primer for CXO’s & Senior Leaders

  • AI & Gen AI Adoption & Application Areas across:

    • Banking , Fintech & Insurance

    • Retail , CPG & D2C segments

    • Manufacturing & Auto

    • Healthcare & Lifesciences

    • Customer Experience & Marketing

    • Risk , Fraud & Compliance

    • HR & Talent

    • Finance & Accounting

    • Supply Chain & Operations

    • Product Management

  • Multi modal Gen AI applications across Text, Image, Voice & Video

  • Novel Technological Approaches in Gen AI Architecture: RAGs, LLMs, LAMs, SLMs

  • Foundational Intelligence through robust data engineering capabilities

  • Ethics , Guardrails & hallucinations mitigation approaches

  • New Age Career pathways & lattice in Gen AI

  • Building future proof Gen AI capabilities & solutions

  • GTM & Sales funnel build mechanisms by

  • Gen AI providers & outfits  

  • Gen AI coverage scenarios in GCCs

  • Gen AI : POC’s to ROI determination : value creation

  • Gen AI Trends , Landscape , Demand & Consumption patterns

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Session Formats

  • Solo Talk

  • Duologues

  • Leadership Roundtable session

  • Lounge Specials

  • Fireside Session

  • Classic Panel Discussion

  • Rapid Pace Masterclass

  • DMystify Talk

  • Expert Panels

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Why Attend SPECTRA

Unlock new opportunities

Gain insights on creating an AI strategy that opens up new possibilities for your organisation, GCC

Discover cutting-edge generative AI solutions

Hear from experts on using AI to reduce costs, increase productivity, and maximise growth

Empower your team

Hear on incorporating generative AI into day-to-day workflows

Mitigate the risks

Minimise risk by developing strategies to navigate the ethical, legal and business challenges stemming from AI

Overcome business challenges

Learn how to use AI to solve business challenges and drive growth

Stay ahead of the competition

Discover the AI strategies first movers are using to stay ahead of competitors


22, 23 & 24 May 2024
  • Event link will be shared 1 week prior to the event date

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